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Owned by John and Linda Calvert, who, as hobby breeders, have been breeding this wonderful breed of cats for over twenty years.

Over this time, we have bred many different colours, including silvers, browns, reds, cream, and blue, of which the latter two are known as dilute of red and brown.

Up until recently, the coat patterns our cats had were predominantly of a classic design and this did throw up an occasional shaded, (or no discernible pattern), but since the introduction of our new stud boy, mackerel patterns can now be produced as well as classic.


We are based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, a small town on the eastern foothills of the Pennines between J25 and J26 of the M62, where, many years ago, Panther motorcycles were made and Lion’s sweets are still produced.

We are both retired, John being a skilled engineering machinist and Inspector, who, between helping look after the cats, is building a two-inch scale model steam powered traction engine in his garage workshop. Linda was a counter assistant at a local bakery so both have plenty of time to devote to our feline brood.


At the present moment in March 2023, we have two stud boys, Purdyston Waldo Culpepper and Ultramaine Dragon Slayer, (he’s the one who gives the mackerel pattern), as well as four breeding females, Purdyston Echo Delta, a blue with white, and her daughter, Purdyston Cynthia, also a blue tabby and white. 


We also have a mackerel tortie with white that is not quite of breeding age, Purdyston Flash Dancer, aka Lucy, who we are currently showing at the various shows and an all-white female, Anglezarke Emerald, who again, is not yet of breeding age.

We also have four older cats that we have shown over the years and are now in retirement.

We always have two or three in the house and the rest, which includes both males, are kept outside in heated sheds and outside runs to exercise.

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